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As a residential painter in Seattle, we understand your house is your home and the look and feel of your home is very important to you. You take care of your investment property and want someone who appreciates and respects that. On the exterior of your home, an excellent paint job means elegance and beauty, but it also means much more; paint is a barrier against the elements that attack the integrity of your house. The interior of your home is a place of comfort and privacy, a place for guests and entertaining, and a creative environment that reflects your personality, taste, ambience, and values. We as painters respect you and your home and have the necessary mind-set and skills for proper surface preparation, and understand the broad range of paint and coating varieties needed for your project.

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Here at Third Generation Painting, we as painters, strive to create the best possible experience for our customers from the beginning to completion. We strongly value every relationship we create and strive to provide 100% satisfaction on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior painter, commercial or residential, Third Generation is your choice for all of your painting needs. Typically our price range for most of our contracted projects run from $400 - $24,000 or course depending on the scope of work involved.

Pressure Washing

With a wide variety of options in our contracted work, we offer power cleaning work as well

Interior Trim

We also provide wood work finishes to new or previous painted surfaces

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