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  • Hire a professional house painter for your interior

    Applying paint to the walls and ceilings to your home is a cost effective way to transform any room. The appearance of your house is important for re sale and also for your guests. We as professional painters strive for perfection at heart and you can rest assure you are getting the best workmanship for your project.

    The work process of the interior of your home:

    Preparation: The number one most important step of a high end paint job is the prep. work involved. Before we apply any products, for example; caulk, primer, paint, etc... we mask and cover previously unpainted surfaces to protect with either plastic, masking paper, tape, and canvas drop cloths. Then depending on the scope of work discussed, we will fill nail holes, caulk stress cracks, prime as needed.

    Paint: Most of the time when working on repaints, one good coat of paint will suffice being that we use the top products in the industry.

    Final completion: 100% of our jobs are completed in a timely manor. At the end of the job we advise the customer the day we will be finished, and at that point any last revisions or additions are made if the customer so requests.

  • Ceiling Painting

    A brand new painted ceiling is a great way to open up the size of a room, it creates a more spacious appearance, or it can even create a taller ceiling appearance with a lighter color.

    Texturing your ceilings or walls

    A variety of wall repair coatings are available for any of your interior painting projects including: orange peel, knockdown, popcorn, and smooth surfaces. We can apply the needed texture to remodeled walls or repair old, damaged cracks or patches.

    Be sure to visit our painting gallery

    There you will find a few photos of our past 2016 jobs we just recently completed.

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