Exterior Seattle Painting


  • quick tip and info. on your exterior

    The painting of your exterior home is an aesthetic decision as well as a practical one. As you know living in the northwest there are some homeowners that delay painting their house without realizing the harm they are causing to the wood. From the sun, rain, and snow you know how much damage that can cause on the wood surfaces. The exterior homes can really take a beaten. Remaining chipped and peeling paint will allow moisture to penetrate and sit on the bare wood areas, resulting in rotted siding, window sills, and door frames, and worse of all horizontal surfaces. Don't wait another year for you home to be protected. Let us help you get your project completed in your time frame and to the liking you desire.
  • Deck Painting

    We've been staining decks and fences for years and have seen the worse of the worse. We believe that a deck should be re stained every 3 yrs. (if not every year)

    Bare wood

    It's absolutely very important to protect bare wood on you home at least with a primer product to prevent any moister to cause further damage to your home.

    Pressure Washing

    When one thinks of pressure washing a home, sidewalk, roof, deck, fence, whatever....there's one thing I've noticed with previous customers that don't understand that when a experienced professional is working the pressure washer they can control the amount of "Pressure" and or "Volume" that is coming out of the hose. As an example I can compare a 99 cent squirt bottle from the dollar store to a pressure washer. So please, don't fear!

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